66: Business at the Speed of Now – Interview with John Bernard

Bestselling Author and Chairman, Mass Ingenuity

Wilsonville, OR

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Why corporations hire consultants and how the best consultants serve organizations.
  • The 3 Gears of NOW Management.
  • What skews the perspective for organizational leaders.
  • The critical implications of adapting to the shift from a work culture of mass production to one of mass customization.

Expert Bio

As the Founder and Chairman of the company Mass Ingenuity and principal architect of the NOW Management System, John Bernard’s passion focuses on leveraging best-practice management with social media inside an organization to engage employees, sharpen focus and accelerate execution. He has been building and reengineering organizations to enable them to aggressively grow the top and bottom line for 30 years, consulting with senior executives at all levels in high technology, health care, insurance, banking, forest products, distribution, manufacturing, and a wide range of service companies, along with many large government agencies.

John is the author of the bestselling book Business at the Speed of NOW, published in December 2011. He’s a top-rated speaker for the Conference Board and discussion leader on the Harvard Business Review blog, and his monthly newspaper column is syndicated to 41 Business Journals across the United States.

For more information, visit John’s website.

Contact Info for John Bernard

Business Phone: 503-705-6920

Web address: MassIngenuity.com

Travels From: Portland, OR

Follow John: Twitter


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