421: The Core Skills Needed to Become a Leader Regardless of Your Work Title with guest expert Tania Luna

Tania Luna, author of The Leader Lab – Core Skills to Become a Great Manager, Faster

Tania Luna and Bill Ringle discuss insights into becoming a great manager and overcoming the obstacles to implementation for small business leaders.

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Tania Luna appears on My Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders

Interview Insights

Top Takeaways

  1. Create a culture of innovation by fostering a safe environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks and learning from failures.
  2. Build trust by encouraging vulnerability and practicing empathy with employees.
  3. Overcome resistance to change by embracing diversity and promoting curiosity in the workplace.
  4. Encourage experimentation and learning by providing resources and opportunities for employees to explore new ideas and approaches.
  5. Foster a culture of continuous improvement by celebrating successes, learning from failures, and adapting to change.

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  • [2:36] How did you become interested in the topic of surprise and creating a culture of continuous improvement? Tania Luna shares her personal story of growing up in post-Soviet Ukraine and how her experience of constant change and uncertainty sparked her interest in human performance.
  • [8:30] What are some of the key elements that contribute to building a healthy culture? Psychological safety, trust, and diversity in creating an environment where people feel free to take risks and experiment.
  • [11:47] How can leaders encourage experimentation and taking risks while still maintaining a sense of control and order in the workplace? Leaders can create clear guidelines and expectations, while also giving employees space to experiment within those boundaries.
  • [15:32] How can managers balance the need for innovation with the need for stability and consistency in their business? Create pockets of innovation within your organization, while also maintaining certain core values and practices that provide stability and consistency.
  • [20:20] How can leaders encourage employees to be more curious and open-minded in the workplace? You can model curiosity and vulnerability, and also create opportunities for employees to learn from each other and explore new ideas.
  • [20:20] How can leaders encourage employees to be more curious and open-minded in the workplace? You can model curiosity and vulnerability, and also create opportunities for employees to learn from each other and explore new ideas.
  • [25:36] My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins
  • [28:00] How can leaders build trust with their employees, particularly in times of change or uncertainty? Everyone can build trust at work by being transparent, communicating clearly, and demonstrating empathy and vulnerability.
  • [32:55] How can leaders create a culture where failure is seen as a learning opportunity rather than a source of shame or blame? Shift the culture at work by modeling vulnerability and openness, celebrating experimentation and learning, and creating an environment where employees feel safe to take risks.
  • [36:55] How can leaders foster creativity and innovation in virtual or remote work environments? You can create opportunities for connection and collaboration, encourage experimentation and learning, and use technology to facilitate communication and idea-sharing.

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Expert Bio

Tania Luna (Brooklyn, New York) is the co-founder of LifeLabs Learning, author of “The Leader Lab: Core Skills to Become a Great Manager, Faster”, and co-host of the podcast Talk Psych to Me.

She is a researcher, educator, advisor to alt-protein startups, and partner at Columbia University’s eLab — an accelerator for entrepreneurs who increase equity and access in education. Her company, LifeLabs Learning, is a go-to training and employee development company that has helped over 350,000 people at some of the world’s most influential companies (including TED, Yelp, Tinder, Slack, Reddit, jetBlue and 2,000+ others) become more confident, competent, and compassionate leaders. Her podcast blends humor and psychology to help people get better at being people. Her TED Talk about her experience as a Ukrainian immigrant and the power of perspective has over 1.8 million views. Tania lives with rescued pigs, dogs, goats, a cat, and the love of her life.

In everything she does, she strives to bring people instructions for humankind(ness), rooted in research and play. Her work and book have been featured in TIME, Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, CNBC, Bizwomen, NPR, School for Startups syndicated radio show and other media outlets.

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