408: The best leaders value profits and people with guest expert Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant, author of The New Leadership Playbook: Being human whilst successfully delivering accelerated results

Bill Ringle and Andrew Bryant discuss details of decisiveness, inclusiveness, and accountability as leadership plays that leaders of small and mid-size companies can use now.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Responsibility is personal. I am responsible for my thoughts and my actions. Accountability is an agreement. It’s something that people use to forge a contract.
  2. A single universal type of leader is a myth. Different leaders excel under different circumstances.
  3. Talent is rare, but strength is something each of us can acquire. It may be by strengthening ourselves or hiring someone whose strong suit complements our weak areas.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Andrew’s first work experience was at his father’s hardware store when he was 10. By observing his father’s interactions with clients and employees, he learned how to have an executive presence. [01:14]
  • His father’s teaching of honesty, authenticity, and being true to oneself played a major role in Andrew’s career in landing him his first CEO client. [02:46]
  • Why is leadership a process? [05:21]
  • Explain more about how no perfect leadership style fits all businesses at all times under all circumstances. [06:16]
  • What are responsibility and accountability, and how they differ from each other? [09:44]
  • Why decisiveness is critical to good leadership.
  • CASE: Gustav responded to a crisis of his company’s baby formula possibly being contaminated. [13:28]
  • What can wel learn from the insight that people and profits are not an either-or consideration, but that both can be served? [17:55]
  • My Quest for the Best lighting round begins. [22:41]

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Expert Bio

Andrew Bryant is the founder of Self Leadership International and the world’s leading expert on self-leadership. He has written two books on the topic, Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient, and Effective Leader from the Inside Out (Bryant & Kazan, 2012) and Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life & Business (Bryant, 2016), and The New Leadership Playbook – Being Human whilst delivering Accelerated Results (Bryant, 2022). He has also contributed to many blogs, books, and articles on self-leadership and leadership.

Andrew has coached hundreds of leaders and leadership teams to become the best version of themselves and to scale their companies. He has international experience with clients from Asia, Australasia, the United States of America (USA), Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. Not only has Andrew worked across geographical locations and cultures, but he has also transformed and developed leaders across industries, including the airline industry, software and hardware companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, professional services, banking, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, and travel.

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  • Travels from: Kennebunk, ME

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

Below are key people, places, books, quotes, websites and other resources that we discussed, so you can explore further.

  • Brian Tracy
  • Nelson Mandela

Published by Andrew Bryant

The New Leadership Playbook by Andrew Bryant

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