406: The invaluable lessons contained in feedback with guest expert Chuck Mollor

Chuck Mollor, author of The Rise of the Agile Leader: Can You Make the Shift?

Chuck Mollor and Bill Ringle discuss insights about how you can benefit from messages contained in feedback from 1:1s to 360s for small business leaders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  • When our business grows, so do our responsibilities. As leaders, we need to learn how to change where we spend our time, delegate obligations, and know when to hire external help.
  • Receiving 360 feedback will give us words that can hurt us. But feedback is critical because we might be 100% assured that we are competent enough with a job that sometimes we need our people to point out when and where we’re falling short.
  • When our own people are hesitant to share their honest feedback even when asked, that is a sign of lack of trust and an urgent matter we need to fix.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Chuck talks about his greatest influence growing up, his best friend’s father Frank, who is also a father figure to him. [01:44]
  • Understanding how the size of our organization affects how we communicate and how we care about our people. [04:28]
  • How does a manager’s time shift as an organization grows? [07:31]
  • The five drivers of growth: growth, direction, integrity, innovation, engagement, and urgency. [09:33]
  • Recognizing when we’re not doing our job and when to seek external help. [11:42]
  • What can you learn from receiving 360 feedback that can make you a better leader?.[14:26]
  • CASE: Mike and why lack of trust alarm bells sound if our people don’t talk to us even when asked. [18:37]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [26:22]

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Expert Bio

Chuck Mollor is the founder, CEO, advisor, and executive coach at MCG Partners, an organization that helps develop leaders and teams, optimizing both businesses and individual talent. His new book and best-selling book, The Rise of the Agile Leader: Can You Make the Shift?, is a guide for the aspiring, mid, and seasoned c-leader and executive that introduces a new leadership paradigm, a roadmap of what makes a great leader, and what organizations must do to develop great leaders.

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The Rise of the Agile Leader: Can You Make the Shift?
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