402: Personal growth accelerates business growth with guest expert Byron Morrison

Byron Morrison, author of The Effective CEO: How to hone your focus, prioritize your time and take control of your CEO role

Bill Ringle and Byron Morrison discuss how you as a business leader can avoid becoming the bottleneck in your own business by working on your mindset, emotional control, and performance routines.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  • While as leaders, our goal is to lead our organizations to success, we should not neglect essential areas in our personal lives, like our relationships and our health, to keep up our high energy. Our energy directly impacts our performance which directly affects the people we lead.
  • Not prioritizing our personal development tanks our ability to lead.
  • Instead of committing to following a to-do list, we should instead figure out what works best by aligning our energy and our schedule to what’s most important.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • A unique source of inspiration for Byron when he was growing up is Tome Delonge from Blink 182. [05:52]
  • Byron shares how the artist he looked up to and his band, through their music, influenced his career as a businessman. [02:38]
  • The impact Byron wants to achieve when he wrote The Effective CEO. [04:29]
  • Byron recalls the day he decided to change as a person, which led to him writing his first bestselling book, Become a Better You, and starting his business. [05:33]
  • CASE: Matthew was a client of Byron’s who runs a small advertising agency. He was struggling with his team not getting on board and him not knowing how to effectively delegate. [07:33]
  • Why our personal lives should not be brushed off to purely focus on our role as leaders. [09:05]
  • A key principle is figuring out your energy and how to structure your schedule to align with that. [11:20]
  • CASE: Jason who runs a tech startup in Silicon Valley. Jason loves his to-do lists, not realizing that this practice of checking the boxes is a terrible approach for CEOs. [13:06]
  • How to effectively implement and commit to time blocking and make it a part of your work style. [15:40]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [24:36]

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Expert Bio

Byron Morrison is the author of the books “The Effective CEO” and “CEO In Control”, as well as being a speaker and coach. He helps CEOs take control and become more effective in their role so that they can maximize their time, lead with confidence and grow a business without losing their sanity.

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