398: Write a book to serve as a lighthouse that guides and serves your prospects, customers, and clients with guest expert Anne Janzer.

Anne Janzer, author of Get the Word Out: Write a Book That Makes a Difference

Bill Ringle and Anne Janzer discuss the beneficial reasons for writing a book, overcoming common obstacles, and how to maximize a book as part of your business growth strategy for small business leaders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Thought leaders do not put out their ideas to the world for glorification but to serve others.
  2. We model the tone and style of our writing to give our audience what they need.
  3. Writing for our readers makes us part of a community.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Denise Brosseau’s quote on “Thought leaders speak on behalf of others” highly influenced Anne’s book. [01:11]
  • Anne Janzer goes more profound on the meaning of ‘service authorship.’ [02:22]
  • Why writing isn’t a solitary activity and how writing for someone else helps authors. [03:22]
  • Sarah was a client of Anne’s whom she helped write two books by helping her structure her writing based on who she wanted to serve. [04:43]
  • The ‘pond metaphor’ and what it teaches us about reaching a bigger audience by starting in a small area. [05:56]
  • Anne talks about ‘priming the pump in writing’ and how this is helpful to know the kind of voice you need to use to reach your audience.[08:16]
  • Books don’t always end up how they’re supposed to be. Anne talks about Kathy Capino and how her interaction with people and research changed the texture and nature of her book. [09:20]
  • Steve was another author that Anne worked with. From writing his memoir to writing a business book, Anne helped him shift from having his voice to having the voices of his audience in his new book. [10:18]
  • The six steps of the sprint framework: Start with the easy, prime, relax, incubate, notice, and trust your future self. [11:55]
  • On your buyer’s shelf, whose book is yours placed next to? Anne talks about authors being collaborative, not competitive. [21:42]

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Expert Bio

Anne Janzer is an award-winning author, nonfiction writing coach, and unabashed writing geek committed to helping people make a positive impact with their writing. She supports and encourages writers and authors through her books, blog posts, webinars, and teaching.
Her writing-related books explore the science and practice of effective writing.

Before she started writing books, Anne was a freelance marketing consultant, working with more than a hundred technology businesses to articulate positioning and messaging in crowded markets.

She’s been writing business emails longer than she cares to admit—and has made all of the mistakes in her latest book, and more, over the years. She wants to save others from the same problems.

Contact Info and Social Media for Anne Janzer

  • Travels from: San Luis Obispo, CA

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

Below are key people, places, books, quotes, websites, and other resources that we discussed, so you can explore further.

  • Books by Kathy Caprino:
    • Breakdown Breakthrough
    • The Most Powerful You

Published by Anne Janzer

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