387: You must ascend any mountain of challenges yourself, but you succeed when you bring others along with guest expert Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson, author of Build an A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve

Bill Ringle and Whitney Johnson discuss the power behind thinking of your team as a collection of S-curves for small business leaders, managers, and rising stars.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. We need to be explicit with our communication when working in a hybrid or remote workplace because people cannot see what we are doing or any form of non-verbal communication.
  2. You want people who not only pull themselves up the mountain but pull other people up with them on the journey, as well.
  3. Anxiety is a performance killer. As leaders, we need to create an emotionally healthy and mentally safe environment.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Whitney shares her favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson- “Rings and other jewels are but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of myself,” and why this is relevant to her as a coach. [01:52]
  • The characteristics of an A-Team, do they appear spontaneously, and what you can learn from Apple. [02:35]
  • “Communicate, communicate, communicate.” The advantages and disadvantages of remote and hybrid work to communication within a team. [06:31]
  • Defining the S-curve and its levels: Launch point, sweet spot, mastery. [09:03]
  • Why you would want a team that is a collection of different levels of the S-curve. Whitney advises on why you would like your team to have 20% of your members in the launch point, 60% on the sweet spot, and another 20% on mastery. [11:50]
  • How managers can open a conversation on bridging the gap while de-risking resentment. Whitney gives seven pieces of very valuable advice on how we leaders can do this. [15:12]
  • 7 tools to optimize your journey up the S-curve. [20:31]
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of giving an excellent initial experience, such as onboarding. [21:41]
  • CASE: Marco Trecroce, the CIO of Four Seasons Canada to highlight the importance of the onboarding process despite already having someone with skills and experience. [23:20]
  • CASE: Samantha, an exemplary leader whose employees’ trust keeps them safe emotionally and mentally at work. [25:06]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [27:21]

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Expert Bio

Whitney Johnson is the CEO of Disruption Advisors, a tech-enabled talent development company, and an expert on smart growth leadership: growing your people to grow your company.

Thinkers50 ranked her among the top ten management thinkers in the world in 2021, and in 2020 she was a Top Voice on LinkedIn, where she has 1.8 million followers.

Johnson is an award-winning author, world-class keynote speaker, frequent lecturer for Harvard Business Publishing’s Corporate Learning division, and an award-winning executive coach and adviser to CEOs.

She is the author of several bestselling books, including Disrupt Yourself and Build an A-Team, and hosts the weekly Disrupt Yourself podcast.

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  • Travels from: Lexington, VA

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

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Published by Whitney Johnson

Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company
Build an A Team by Whitney Johnson
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