385: Start by cultivating a change culture with guest expert Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz, author of Change Masters: How to Actually Make The Changes You Already Know You Need to Make

Bill Ringle and Barry Moltz discuss how our brain chemistry helps us survive but not thrive as business leaders and how to become a change master.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. As romantic as the ‘overnight success story’ sounds, the reality is that change mostly happens in small steps with some mistakes along the way.
  2. Create psychological safety in the workplace by assuring employees that they won’t be shamed whenever they make a mistake. Shaming people can only lead to them playing it safe, which in turn holds them back in their performance.
  3. There is no bulletproof plan on how to run a business without running into any challenges because there are things that are not within your control. To be a ChangeMaster, focus on the outcomes you agreed to create, stay alert to changes, build strong connections, and adapt as needed.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • As a 12-year-old boy scout, Barry appreciated having a sense of responsibility whenever his scoutmaster Chuck Brower addressed the group as ‘men.’ [00:01]
  • Most changes in the industry do not come from the leaders. Industry leaders are most of the time behind in the game of change. [04:10]
  • Debunk the romanticization of ‘change’ happening in great leaps. Instead, changes happen in small steps. [06:54]
  • The truth about financial incentives and why it is more often than a bandage solution to performance problems. CASE: Max was able to complete his job within schedule because of the tempting cash incentive. However, despite the incentive still being available in the following months, he could no longer complete the same task on schedule, proving that cash incentives only provide short-term results. [08:35]
  • It is important to hire someone who has the right skills and is also culturally fit with the company. CASE: Mark, CEO of a midwest manufacturing company, could not keep employees working for him for more than a week, saw what was lacking and from there changed his processes and now his people stay long-term. [11:20]
  • The ‘Double Helix Trap’ is the feast and famine of marketing; why do businesses exert great efforts to market when business is needed and then pull back when things are busy, and why does this keep you stuck? [13:34]
  • Why ‘the challenge of the week’ strategy is distracting? [16:16]
  • Shaming and blaming your employees for their mistakes only dampen their performance. [17:21]
  • ‘Yes, We Deliver,’ was Barry’s first and unsuccessful company, taught him the importance of investing in the best talent. Lesson: Business success is about executing, not ideas. [21:00]
  • My Quest for the Best lighting round begins. [23:33]

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Expert Bio

Barry Moltz helps small business owners get unstuck.

As a small business expert, he is the author of seven award-winning books.

Barry hosts “The Small Business Radio Show” in Chicago on AM820.

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  • Travels from: Chicago, IL and Scottsdale, AZ

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

Below are key people, places, books, quotes, websites, and other resources that we discussed, so you can explore further.

My Quest for the Best interview: 36: Small Town Rules – Interview with guest expert Barry Moltz

  • Heidi Grant Halvorson: “It’s not just that people fear change though. Is that they genuinely believe often on a subconscious level that when you’re doing something a particular way for some time, it must be a good way to do things. The longer you’ve been doing that way, the better it is.”

Books Published by Barry Moltz

Change Masters: How to Actually Make The Changes You Already Know You Need to Make by Barry Moltz
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