380: Marketing analytics lower your risk with guest expert Phillip Stutts

Phillip Stutts, author of The Undefeated Marketing System: How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects Presidents

Bill Ringle and Phillip Stutts discuss how to use analytics to reduce uncertainty and gain insights that make it easier and less expensive to do more business.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Know your customers deeply — what they buy, the deciding factors of their purchase, if they buy based on price or quality, and what media they follow, so you’ll know who, when, and where to market.
  2. Map your customers’ actions instead of making speculations.
  3. When you are interested, you only do things when situations are agreeable. When you are committed, doing your best is nonnegotiable even when things are inconvenient.  

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • At age 28, Phillip met Kurt, a political consultant who was the first person to put him under his wings. [01:55]
  • Phillip shares the downsides of being a one-man operation. [02:51]
  • How he transitioned from being a one-man stop working for the government to leading his ad agency. [04:28]
  • Marketing for political clients vs. business clients: Same principle, different execution. [06:13]
  • CASE: Tom owned 3 Burger King stores in Philadelphia and had been spending $5K a month without the data. He was spending blindly. [10:09]
  • Business owners realize too late that they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in online spending because they didn’t stay on top of the rule changes.[11:43]
  • CASE: Dino, the owner of an organic grain-free granola company, gained big sales after this Black Friday insight. [14:05]
  • CASE: Kyle made the common yet unwise move of arbitrarily picking a return on ad spend without experience. [20:56]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [25:13]

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Expert Bio

Phillip is the founder and CEO of Win BIG Media (a corporate marketing agency) and Founder/Executive Chairman of Go BIG Media (a political marketing ad firm).

Phillip has spoken in front of 50 million+ people in his career across all television, radio, podcast, print media, and live appearances.
VaynerSpeakers and Keppler Speakers represent him for speaking engagements. Phillip has made more than 350 national media appearances including ESPN, CBS, FOX BUSINESS, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, and CNN. Phillip has been interviewed by renowned business, entertainment and health leaders including: Anderson Cooper, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peter Diamandis, James Altucher, Michael Hyatt, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Dr. Steven Gundry.

Phillip has written multiple best-sellers, including his latest book titled “The Undefeated Marketing System: How To Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using The Secret Formula That Elects Presidents” (which hit the top #65 out of 6 million titles on Amazon).

FOX BUSINESS has lauded Phillip for creating “a marketing system that has generated record sales” for his clients and also described him as a “marketing genius.”

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  • Travels from: Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

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Published by Phillip Stutts

The Undefeated Marketing System: How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects Presidents by Phillip Stutts
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