375: Misalignment is the main cause of interpersonal friction and diminished productivity in your business with guest expert Patty Beach

Patty Beach, author of The Art of Alignment – A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership

Bill Ringle and Patty Beach discuss how to empower your managers to include everyone’s voice so that you produce the best work and attract the best people to join your company for small business leaders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  • A truth-telling environment where everyone’s voice is respected creates genuine alignment.
  • Never shut down another person’s voice even if what they have to say doesn’t agree with your opinions or expectations.
  • As leaders, we should strive to get all the ideas on the table from every participant to be inclusive.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Patty’s father, an engineer who became a preacher, taught her to look for the good in people. His example influenced how she treats people and how she conducts her business. [01:21]
  • After fifteen years as a geological engineer, Patty shifted her career focus to organizational development. [03:58]
  • Understanding the meaning of alignment, its purpose, and its importance. [06:18]
  • The SHUVA principle: Seen, Heard, Understood, Valued, and Appreciated. [09:41]
  • When facilitating, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean. [13:57]
  • Case: Alison works in an engineering organization that is struggling with a supply chain shortage. [17:23]
  • Patty explains iterative co-creation. [18:45]
  • Understanding different degrees of alignment and how to reach those points. [19:47]
  • While everyone should have a voice, not everyone always gets a vote. [22:23]
  • The importance of setting a parameter of who gets to engage. [24:37]
  • The 3 Ps of alignment: the Purpose, the Past for context, and the Point served. [25:04]
  • CASE: Jill, the leader of a non-profit, and how she iteratively worked between her staff and her board to create an aligned strategic plan. [26:04]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [26:56]

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Expert Bio

Patty Beach founded LeadershipSmarts to further a more conscious form of leadership that balances business acumen with socio-emotional intelligence, what Patty calls Versatile Leadership.

Patty is an inclusive Leadership Evolutionist, author, CEO, and coach who combines leadership best practices and adult learning principles to make the hard work of inclusive leadership easy to master.

Patty is the author of The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide for Inclusive Leadership and the Versatility Factor Profile, an assessment to support gender intelligent and inclusive leadership. 

For over 25 years, Patty has designed and delivered leadership programs for the public and private sector that transform managers into the best boss ever and executives into inspirational role models that can scale and grow the company.    

Patty is also an ICF Master Certified Coach with two master’s degrees, one in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and a second in Geology from the University of Tulsa. Before becoming a coach, Patty worked as a geoscientist and manager leading initiatives in new technology and emerging markets in the Energy industry.  

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  • Travels from: Boulder, Colorado

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

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Published by Patty Beach

The Art of Alignment by Patty Beach
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