367: Chaos Claims Projects that are Poorly Planned with expert Ray Frohnhoefer

Ray Frohnhoefer, author of Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days

Bill Ringle and Ray Frohnhoefer discuss how to avoid the delays and cost overruns in projects by understanding the 7 phases of project management.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways

  • Managers should create an environment where people don’t feel sanctioned for asking questions or raising concerns.
  • Avoid discouraging negative topics as it may deter open and transparent communication.
  • Start from a position of trust, and from that foundation we can build a high performing team.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • He’s very organized mother was a massive inspiration to Ray when he was growing up. [01:31]
  • Ray explains why he rarely says no and how this enables effective management. [02:19]
  • Balance and why we should work with people as individuals. [04:10]
  • A tip on being a manager on a team consisting of people older than you. [06:14]
  • Ray emphasizes the importance of open, honest, and transparent communication. [08:01]
  • How open-ended questions help teams, project stakeholders, and clients. [09:40]
  • Project managers can all learn from the Death Star and the Suez Canal. [10:30]
  • Ray talks about his former manager, Norman, and what he learned from him regarding micromanagement. [12:50]
  • Why managers should not shy away from negative topics. [14:52]
  • The importance of making and maintaining good relationships with the people you work with. [15:52]
  • Ray shares best practices for setting the right environment with a new team. [18:02]
  • Clarifying projects versus processes. [21:29]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [23:35]

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Expert Bio

Ray W. Frohnhoefer is the Managing Partner of PPC Group, LLC, specializing in helping aspiring, new, and accidental project managers and their organizations improve their project management practice. Products and services include three Amazon international bestsellers in business project management, corporate training, and consulting.

Ray has led engagements in multiple industries of all sizes and many areas globally over his nearly 40-year project management career. Notable projects include rolling out a UNIX development environment to over 400 developers in 16 locations, testing electronic voting equipment with a team of 30 for San Diego County, and patenting an estimating tool that was put into use by a global PMO. No stranger to virtual, international teams, he has been working with and leading them his entire career.

Ray has had a dual career in training and education concurrent with his project management engagements. He was an author, editor, and lecturer for the Edison Engineering Advanced Course in Computers for over eight years, and has been teaching project management and business analysis classes both in-person and online at UC San Diego Extension for 18 years.

A long-time PMI volunteer, Ray, served as president of the PMI San Diego Chapter. He has supported several global PMI committees and member advisory groups over the past 15 years, including serving as the first official PMI Region Mentor for Southwest North America and as a member of the PMI Ethics Review Committee. He is also a long-time supporter of the PMI Educational Foundation and helped establish one of their first professional development scholarships.

Ray holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science and an MBA degree in Technology Management. He is also a PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class graduate.

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  • Travels from: San Diego, CA

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