358: When you lose your narrative, you lose your way with guest expert Kurian Tharakan

Kurian Tharakan, author of The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell

Bill Ringle and Kurian Tharakan discuss the rudderless leader and how to avoid becoming one by telling a better story to yourself, your team, and other stakeholders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • The story is what keeps a company emotionally and culturally relevant. The narrative, not the product, is a company’s true legacy.
  • Choose how you and your work will be remembered through the story you create. Your story is your most significant brand.
  • The power of our narrative is what makes us charismatic. If we believe that our story is insightful and that it drives us to success, then we will become charismatic.

Read show notes for this interview

  • Kurian’s biggest inspiration and his ultimate business hero is Steve Jobs. [01:05]
  • How Job reinvented the business world. [02:11]
  • The power of reinvention and how it can help companies overcome obstacles. [03:07]
  • Kurian talks about the power of a story. [05:26]
  • Alfred Nobel chose how people will remember him. [07:21]
  • Is charisma inborn or is it acquired? [08:19]
  • Kurian shares about his client Dave and how he helped him align his vision on how his company should be with running it. [09:59]
  • The customer is always the hero of the business. [14:08]
  • How Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos reinvented the industry. [16:11]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [21:10]

Expert Bio

Kurian Mathew Tharakan is the founder of the sales and marketing strategy firm StrategyPeak Sales & Marketing Advisors and a 27-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry. Mr. Tharakan is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller, “The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell,” which details how anyone can move people and mountains with the power of story.

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The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell by Kurian Tharakan

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