331: Proven sales insights that help a small or mid-sized business grow with guest expert Lee Salz

Lee Salz, author of Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want

Bill Ringle and Lee Salz discuss the perspectives and tactics that can be used to better understand and enjoy sales success for leaders of small and mid-sized businesses.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • Identifying your market is crucial to your business so that you can strategize effectively and build an identity for your business that makes you stand unique from the competition.
  • Know yourself and understand your niche so you will best know how to insert yourself into that market.
  • Meaningful differentiators lose their purpose if salespeople are ineffective in position them.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Walt Disney and the story of how he built his empire that brought joy to many families was a huge inspiration to Lee. [01:10]
  • The vital concept of differentiation space. [04:30]
  • Knowing yourself and understanding your market to focus on and develop specialty to your niche.  [05:51]
  • CASE: Mike, who has differentiators that the competition lacks, but his employees don’t know how to use them. [09:04]
  • Knowing how to position your statement makes you more effective in sales. [12:53]
  • The best approach and timing to introduce a solution, whether asked or not. [16:31]
  • A lesson from the TV series Law and Order that is as practical as it is applicable in sales. [18:26]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins at [27:42]

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Expert Bio

Founder and CEO, Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist specializing in building sales processes in companies. He has helped hundreds of companies, in various industries and sizes, create marketplace disruption – leading to explosive, profitable growth. Lee challenges executives to blast through the artificial barriers that impede their success. He is an entrepreneur, results-driven consultant, and dynamic keynote speaker.

In addition to Sales Architects, he launched The Revenue Accelerator which is his sales onboarding and enablement technology firm. This system structures and automates the onboarding experience. The methodology embedded in the system comes from his book “Hire Right, Higher Profits.” His entrepreneurial experience gives him unique insight into the challenges executives face during growth phases.

He’s also a bestselling, award-winning author of several books. His latest book “Sales Differentiation – 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want” is the hottest sales book on Amazon! His prior book, “Hire Right, Higher Profits,” is also an Amazon bestseller and was the #1-rated sales management book on Amazon for 2014.

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Resources Mentioned During the Interview

Below are key people, places, books, quotes, websites, and other resources that we discussed so you can explore further.

  • Walt Disney –  an American entrepreneur, animator, writer, voice actor, and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. 
  • Law and Order –  drama showcases the sometimes complex process of determining guilt or innocence, while lives hang in the balance.
  • Boolean – a data type that has one of two possible values which is intended to represent the two truth values of logic and Boolean algebra.
  • Outlook – an email client by Microsoft

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