310: Reaching and connecting with colleagues in meaningful ways when you are working remotely with guest expert Kevin Eikenberry

Kevin Eikenberry, author of The Long-Distance Teammate: Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere.

Kevin Eikenberry and Bill Ringle discuss practical examples of establishing meaningful connections with your colleagues and direct reports working remotely for small business leaders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • Great engagement is not only making conversations during meetings and delegating tasks, but consistent check-ins on the progress of each team member, making sure that everyone is in the loop, and ensuring that each conversation has a valuable outcome.
  • It matters a lot when leaders check in on how employees are doing. Not only does it make the team more engaged, but it builds trust, and in return, prompts better performance from each member.
  • Trust a must-have for any team to perform best, and it is best defined through actions, motives, commitment, and open conversations.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Kevin shares how his dad, who made him feel that his a part of the family business at a young age, is such a huge influence in his life. [01:09]
  • The first time Kevin applied for a loan he was still in the fourth grade. [02:42]
  • The meaning and importance of engagement – what it really means to engage, whose responsibility it is, and why it matters so much. [05:57]
  • Case study: Sharon, who wants to have an organization that is more engaged and how they were able to help her and achieve a sense of leadership and commitment. [07:54]
  • The richness versus the scope of interaction – how they differ and which matters more. [10:03]
  • Case study: George, who actively reaches out to everyone in his team via phone and what effect that creates. [14:18]
  • My Quest for the Best lightning round begins. [18:28]

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Expert Bio

Kevin Eikenberry founded the Kevin Eikenberry Group in 1993 and is the co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute. Eikenberry has twice been named one of Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts in the World.

He is the author or co-author of three Amazon bestsellers: Remarkable Leadership, From Bud to Boss, and The Long-Distance Leader.

His new book, co-authored with Wayne Turmel, is titled: The Long-Distance Teammate: Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere.

Contact Info for Kevin Eikenberry

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

Below are key people, places, books, quotes, websites and other resources that we discussed so you can explore further.

  • Wayne Turmel, co-author of The Long-Distance Teammate: Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere


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