307: The remarkable difference once you clean out your head trash with guest expert Noah St. John

Noah St. John, author of Power Habits: The New Science for Making Success Automatic®

Bill Ringle and Noah St. John discuss the different dimensions of the habitual thoughts that mess up our business, relationships, and personal lives through the metaphor of head trash for small business leaders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • We need to stop giving reasons why ‘we cannot do’ and instead think about ‘how we can do.’
  • Habits play a huge role in how long it will take us to achieve our goals.
  • When people stop giving reasons and start trying, that is when they get results.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Noah St. John talks about how Dale Carnegie inspired him when he was young. [1:33]
  • What is head trash? Advice on how to stop preventing ourselves from succeeding. [03:38]
  • Signs that we may be succumbing to head trash. [07:31]
  • CASE: Adam, a CEO of a fast-growing company who fell victim to head trash. [09:55]
  • Discussion about the hidden connection between habits and wealth. [16:14]
  • An analogy on how we might be unconsciously responsible for not being able to reach our goals. [20:32]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [23:23]
  • Noah shares the best advice he never got. [24:53]

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Expert Bio

NOAH ST. JOHN is known as “The Power Habits® Mentor” and is famous for helping people have better mental health and more business wealth. Since 1997, his coaching clients have added more than $2.7 BILLION dollars using his methods.

The #1 bestselling author of 15 books published in 18 languages, Noah is the ONLY author in history to have works published by HarperCollins, Hay House, Simon & Schuster, Mindvalley, Nightingale-Conant, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher.

Noah St. John coined the term AFFORMATIONS® – a new technology of the mind that helps busy people enjoy more wealth, health, and happiness with less stress. 

Noah has delivered over 1,000 presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, universities, and youth organizations worldwide, and can speak for groups ranging from 25 to 25,000+!

One of the world’s most sought-after experts on peak performance, Noah also appears frequently in the news worldwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The Hallmark Channel, NPR, SUCCESS Magazine, SiriusXM Radio, Parade Magazine, Woman’s Day, Los Angeles Business Journal, The Washington Post, Costco Connection, Chicago Sun-Times, Entrepreneur.com, Selling Power and The Huffington Post.

Fun fact: Noah once won an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii on the game show Concentration, where he missed winning a new car by three seconds.
(Note: He had not yet discovered his Power Habits® System.)

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    Authored by Noah St. John

    Power Habits: The New Science for Making Success Automatic by Noah St. John

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