301: Find better control over your business growth through focus with Carl Reader

Carl Reader, author of Boss It: Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • It is the human-to-human interaction that matters the most in business relations.
  • In order to scale your business higher, shift your mindset from operator to leader.
  • It is important to reconcile your business ambitions with your personal goals.

Interview Insights

  • In scaling your businesses, you need to lead from the top.
  • Businesses are H to H- human to human.
  • I use social media to top up relationships and think about the emotional bank account between myself and somebody else.
  • Try and elicit a problem and then understand how best to solve it.
  • I think personal success is happiness. It’s as simple as family. It’s not an amount in the bank.
  • The reality for scaling a business is it requires effort, money, and resilience, not academic knowledge.
  • Most business owners know the issues, but they just don’t necessarily want to admit them.
  • Communication is about truly getting to know people, understanding what motivates them and looking for opportunities to serve.
  • We are judged by actions, not by words.
  • Often business owners find it very difficult to extract themselves from their day-to-day distractions and also their preconceived ideas.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Carl talks about how his father and his great values inspired him growing up. [00:57]
  • Carl gives an example of how to convey the importance of keeping a network. [02:48]
  • Carl explains why it is important to stay connected and adapt during the pandemic. [06:04]
  • Carl shares his reason and purpose for why he started his business. [09:48]
  • How to structure a business to get more value from it. [12:43]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round. [17:21]

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Expert Bio

Carl Reader is a regular small business commentator, having appeared in most of the UK national newspapers, TV channels and radio stations. He has sat on all sides of the table – as a founder, an advisor, an entrepreneur, and an investor; and retains his position of Joint Chairman at d&t. He currently serves as an ambassador to IPSE, the trade body for the self-employed in the UK and US, and as the Chair of the Practitioners Panel of the ACCA. Previously, he has served as board director of the British Franchise Association, amongst other not-for-profit and charitable efforts. He speaks globally to small business audiences, helping them understand that business isn’t difficult. It’s hard work, but it isn’t difficult.

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Web address:https://www.carlreader.com/

Travels from: London, England

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