294: Sales coaching can be the shortest path to solving the performance problems of your sales team with guest expert Peri Shawn

Peri Shawn, author of Sell More With Sales Coaching: Practical Solutions for Your Everyday Sales Challenges

Peri Shawn and Bill Ringle discuss common challenges and straightforward solutions to sales performance problems for small business leaders and sales managers in particular.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  1. The salesperson is most likely to listen and change their behaviors if they feel they have been part of the process, not just told what to do.
  2. Determining your effectiveness as a coach shows how well your sales team’s skills improve as a result of your coaching.
  3. Coaching sales performance is most effective when it is based on specific, behavioral and observable performance.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Peri shares that her father taught her to engage in other people what’s important to them and being economical. [1:38]
  • Peri mentions the impact of having a sense of responsibility that she learned from her father. [5:12]
  • Peri emphasizes that the book is specifically written for sales managers and teams. [7:18]
  • Peri draws attention to the process of how she evaluated a BPO client and helped them improve their sales margins. [10:23]
  • Peri identifies that once you get beyond four sentences you can lose the clients. [11:57]
  • Peri reveals the importance of the neuroscience of buying. [12:18]
  • Peri underlines effective communication to develop emotional engagement for sales. [16:13]
  • Peri emphasizes poor communication skills can destroy trust for a sales prospect. [18:20]
  • Peri denotes sales managers should coach reality not theory. [24:15]
  • My Quest for the best lightning round [25:09]

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Expert Bio

Peri Shawn is the award-winning author of the book Sell More with Sales Coaching.

You may have read some of her articles in SellingPower, Salesforce.com, Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Inc., National Post, and Forbes.

Peri teaches and coaches sales VPs and their teams how to coach, increase sales and improve the client experience. She leverages the neuroscience of leadership and buying to help businesses grow.

Her company, the Coaching and Sales Institute, has worked with such teams as KPMG, GE, Hallmark, AT&T, Direct Energy, Bell, the Royal Bank of Canada and Rogers.

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Resources Mentioned During the Interview

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Authored by Peri Shawn

Sell More with Sales Coaching by Peri Shawn

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