292: Embracing the Personal Qualities that Lead to a (Work) Life you Love with guest expert Terri Jacke

Terri Jacke, author of Is This a Lousy Job or Is It Me?

Terri Jacke and Bill Ringle discuss issues and examples that every manager or small business leader who hires employees should understand to maximize retention and job satisfaction.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • Your growth and your pursuit of fulfillment are possible at any job.
  • Follow through willingly on the things you pledge to uphold, complete, or cherish.
  • Be intentional about developing the mental qualities that grow your character.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Terri’s grandmother gave her a feeling of love and being cared for growing up. [1:17]
  • Having a purpose in your endeavor motivates you and your people to achieve important goals. [7:20]
  • The BY FABLE model of career development: Beginning, Yuckiness, Fear, Authenticity, Boundaries, Love, and Exit. [11:01]
  • Terri emphasizes mental and moral qualities that are at the core of who you are. [12:38
  • Her goal in writing the book: to empower others through awareness and education to allow each of us to take better care of our career journey. [18:46] 
  • My Quest for the best lightning round [2:19]

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Expert Bio

Terri Jacke is the author of IS THIS A LOUSY JOB OR IS IT ME? A Real-Life Guide For Achieving Success At Work, a seasoned organizational development consultant, and founder of Inspired Training Institute, Inc. Terri began the work that led to this book as a way to better understand how to help people who struggle with difficult coworkers, meaningless work, and lousy work situations. She holds an MS in Applied Leadership For Teaching and Learning from The University of Wisconsin. As a seasoned executive coach, Terri offers a unique blend of business savvy, perceptiveness, and momentum to the development of executives, business leaders, and leadership teams.

She is certified by Gallup as a Strengths Coach, and she is extensively experienced as an MBTI® practitioner having been awarded the official designation of MBTI Master Practitioner. Terri has also served as an adjunct instructor for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Applied Leadership in Teaching and Learning Graduate Program. She stays engaged with her community through a variety of Boards and Advisory Councils.

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Resources Mentioned During the Interview

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Is This a Lousy Job or Is It Me? by Terri Jacke

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