278: How to make sure your sales team is not only performing but improving in a Zoom business environment with Antonio Garrido

Antonio Garrido and Bill Ringle discuss ways to better understand and to overcome the common mistakes of sales team coaching and management for small business leaders.

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Antonio Garrido, author of THE 21st CENTURY RIDE-ALONG: How Sales Leaders Can Develop Their Teams In Real-Time Sales Calls

Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • The best sales leaders recognize that spending time ‘in the field’ visiting customers with their team is a critical part of their job.
  • Ride-alongs allow the sales manager to coach for immediate improvement, rather than rely on quarterly performance reviews and calendar-driven coaching sessions.
  • Implement the practice of role-playing with your sales team. This tactic can help prepare them for potential objections and teach them how to drive prospects and take the proper next steps.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Antonio speaks about how his father inspired him with his work ethic under poor circumstances. [1:26]
  • When he was growing up, his father’s particular wisdom influenced him though sayings such as “If you can’t afford it, buy the very best.” [5:09]
  • Sales strategies working during the pandemic. [9:23]
  • Have a formalized game plan for a sales ride-along. [16:30]
  • The importance of a pre-call plan and how to implement it properly. [18:30] 
  • Never overlook the ride-along debrief and its opportunity for growth and development. [22:56]
  • How leading indicators should be treated in your business. [26:16]
  • The 3 golden ride-along habits that everyone should adopt. [29:18]
  • Very few managers have actual experience on how to be a coach – guidelines on how to do so. [32:58] 
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [35:01]

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Expert Bio

Antonio Garrido is a charismatic and experienced trainer, speaker, and consultant. He runs a Sandler Training Center in Miami, Florida. The author of THE 21ST CENTURY RIDE-ALONG: How Sales Leaders Can Develop Their Teams In Real-Time Sales Calls, Garrido works with highly-motivated entrepreneurs, business leaders, and companies who are ready to work smarter and commit their time, money, and energy to attract new clients, sell more, and generate more profits.

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Web address: www.absolute.sandler.com

Travels from: Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

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The 21st Century Ride-Along by Antonio Garrido

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