272: Human Capital is one of the 3 essential aspects of a Triple Bottom Line with Warren Valdmanis

Warren Valdmanis, co-author of Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism.

Warren Valdmanis and Bill Ringle discuss aspects of socially responsible policies and practices with regard to triple-bottom line businesses for small business leaders.

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Listen to this interview with Michael O’Leary, co-author of Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism.

Interview Insights

Top 3 Take-Aways from this Interview

  • With half of the American workers feeling no sense of meaning in their jobs, organizing a company around purpose is a great way to recruit, retain, and motivate a winning workforce.
  • Three in four Americans distrustful of corporate executives, the purpose is a great way to show consumers that a company is built around more than value extraction.
  • Business leaders say they agree: nine of 10 think that serving stakeholders is important.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Doug Peters, Warren’s high school debate teacher, made a lasting impression.  [1:23]
  • Warren describes lessons that Mr. Peters taught him about the power of doing things the right way. [2:15]
  • Citizen capitalism explained. [3:29]
  • The high rates of return in the world of citizen capitalism. [4:26]
  • The historical perspective in relation to investing and human labor. [6:09]
  • The importance of establishing an employee-oriented mission charter. [9:20]
  • Policies or companies who have policies that aim to make their businesses a better place to work. [10:47]
  • Investors with a long-term perspective and shares an example of a socially responsible company. [13:25]
  • Answers to some of the key questions that all investors need to be asking. [15:22]
  • Warren discusses social impact funds and socially-oriented investing. [18:45]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [23:10]

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Expert Bio

Warren Valdmanis leads a social impact fund that invests in the American workforce. He is currently a partner with Two Sigma Impact.

He was previously a managing director with Bain Capital‘s social impact fund, and before that invested with Bain Capital’s private equity team for over a decade.

He grew up in Canada and has lived and worked in Australia, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. Warren studied economics at Dartmouth College and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

He lives with his wife Kristin and four children in Portland, Maine.

Contact Info for Warren Valdmanis

Web address: http://www.accountablethebook.com/

Travels from: Greater Boston Area

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