254: Using Data-Driven Decisions to Make your Next Key Hire with guest expert Atta Tarki

Atta Tarki, author of Evidence-Based Recruiting: How to Build a Company of Star Performers Through Systematic and Repeatable Hiring Practices

Atta Tarki and Bill Ringle discuss evidence-based recruiting methods and practices for small business leaders.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • It’s not about having the right strategy or the right operating model alone – you have to have the best talent onboard.
  • Employing a fresh approach to hiring can enable an organization to do things both better and differently to beat the competition.
  • You will find better candidates by recruiting individuals who derive satisfaction from other aspects of the work than the compensation alone.

Show Notes from this Episode

  • Atta describes how reading George Orwell’s perspectives on how an ideology (Communist Russia) intent on doing so much good, go so wrong. [1:32]
  • He described how extraordinary impact matters. [4:32]
  • Atta’s  perspectives on recruiting high-stakes top executives [6:05]
  • What high-level poker players and well-hired executives have in common. [7:21]
  • Thoughts on forming an effective hiring committee, following the “money ball” approach to recruiting [8:49]
  • How to determine if a potential employee has a high ethical standard. [12:17]
  • Contrasting antiquated hiring methods vs. evidence-based hiring methods. [15:01]
  • Atta discussed traits of extraordinary candidates. [19:50]
  • He advises to hire missionaries not mercenaries. [20:54]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins. [30:04]

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Expert Bio

Atta Tarki is the author of Evidence-Based Recruiting: How to Build a Company of Star Performers Through Systematic and Repeatable Hiring Practices (McGraw-Hill; February 7, 2020).

He is also CEO and Managing Director of ECA, a 120-person specialized executive search firm. He leads ECA’s Private Equity and Venture Capital practice, where he supports PE-owned, VC-owned and other high growth companies with filling C-level positions.

Prior to founding ECA, Atta spent six years as a management consultant at L.E.K. Consulting.

Contact Info for Atta Tarki

Web address:https://www.eca-partners.com/

Travels from: Santa Monica, CA

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