246: Donna Marks, deconstructs addictions and their negative consequences

Donna Marks, author of Exit the Maze – One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure

Donna Marks and Bill Ringle discuss the common symptoms and issues relating to addictive behaviors that all small business leaders need to know.

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Interview Insights

Top Take-Aways from this Interview

  • Addiction is something you are doing in spite of negative consequences: suffering, financial loss, destroyed relationships, physical impairment, etc.
  • All addictions are merely a substitute for love. A person who is full of love will have no desire to substitute addiction for love.
  • Business owner addictions are commonly related to gambling, drinking, or pornography.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Donna Marks shares how her grandmother’s support of her family’s welding business was an early positive role model.  [01:19]
  • She defines addiction based on her work and research. [03:44]
  • What are some of the causes that you think are common for business owners and the harm they’re doing? [04:40]
  • What is the threshold that crosses from something that you do occasionally or is already an addiction? [05:15]
  • Shares what are some of the addictions for women? [08:35]
  • What’s the one cure that you advocate in the book? [09:01]
  • What are the common misconceptions about Freud relating to this area? [11:20]
  • Why is it important for us to be aware of the addiction is in our lives and what should we do about it? [12:21]
  • She shares some books and resources about addiction [16:15]
  • What should someone consider and do once you feel like you need to get some help? [16:35]

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Expert Bio

Dr. Donna Marks, is a psychoanalyst, licensed addictions counselor, author, consultant, public speaker, and an instructor of A Course in Miracles, in Palm Beach, Florida.

For over 30 years, she has helped thousands of people break patterns of addiction.

Her second book Exit the Maze – One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure, explains why the current treatment models have failed and how addiction can be healed and even prevented. It is her mission to save 1 million lives by 2030.

Contact Info for Dr. Donna Marks

Web address: www.drdonnamarks.com

Travels from: West Palm Beach, FL

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