24: Time Tamer Consulting – Interview with Christine Giri

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Productivity Expert, Speaker, and Founder, Time Tamer Consulting

Rocklin, CA

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Key questions to ask to shift yourself and others to a more productive track.
  • How Christine uses her “advancer” strengths to help leaders and managers come up with creative ways to be more productive.
  • What to do about your own “level of distraction” to be more productive.

Expert Bio

Christine Giri is a productivity expert, international speaker, and author who founded Time Tamer Consulting with the belief that time spent effectively is not about Daytimers and Blackberries or being a slave to the latest trend. She works with high-performing entrepreneurs and business professionals to combine focus and technology towards reigniting their business.

Christine is the author of the ebook Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn: A Quick-Start Guide with versions  for EntrepreneursBusiness ProfessionalsRealtors and Virtual Assistants and is the host of Time Tamer Talk, which airs every Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. PST on BlogTalkRadio with previous episodes available as downloadable podcasts.

Christine speaks and consults on a variety of professional productivity topics includingTime Management and Productive Social Media.  Her passion is making things simple so that her clients can be successful.

For more information, visit Christine’s website.

Contact Info for Christine Giri

Business Phone: 916-435-2862

Web address: TimeTamerConsulting.com

Travels From: Sacramento, CA

Follow Christine: Twitter

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