216: Develop Your Emotional Fitness as a Leader with Susan Packard

Susan Packard, author of FULLY HUMAN

Susan Packard and Bill Ringle discuss how to grow your emotional fitness in work, leadership. and life.

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Top 3 Take-Aways from this Interview

  • The essence of good leadership is to take care of yourself and others, and to do so requires emotional fitness.
  • Being fully human at work and in your life means committing to a wider range of standards than just output or productivity.
  • Trust is the lifeblood of any organization, from a start-up to an enterprise like HGTV.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

Susan shares the inspiration figure of her life. [1:25]

Susan tells us how her dad used to stay calm though he was the eye of the storm and how it created a positive effect on her life. [3:33]

Susan shares her story about taking an opportunity while she was peace and quiet in St Monica Beach from her book. [4:23]

Susan describes what Emotional Fitness is [7:22]

What makes you a great leader? [11:33]

Susan gives example of her boss and how he was never too busy for his employee. [14:11]

Biggest surprise that Susan found out while writing her book Fully Human. [16:05]

Why do middle managers have higher eq than the leaders of organisation in the c suite? [17:17]

Susan shares how she uses her social skill to engage herself with others in building trust and respect. [22:05]

Lightning Round [25:03]

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Expert Bio

Author and entrepreneur Susan Packard was one of a small number of women leaders who were a part of the newly created cable industry, helping in the launch of HBO and CNBC. She went on to be a co-founder of HGTV and Scripps Network.

An in-demand speaker at summits, TEDX, and corporate events, as well as a guest expert on television and radio, and op-ed contributor, Packard is a pioneer in both the industry she helped to shape and the workplace she works to redefine.

She is the author of New Rules of the Game and the just released Fully Human: 3 Steps to Grow your Emotional Fitness in Work, Leadership and Life.

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Contact Info for Susan Packard

Web address: www.susanpackard.com

Travels from: Lakeville, CT

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