212: The Selling Revolution – interview with DJ Sebastian

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The Selling Revolution – interview with DJ Sebastian

DJ Sebastian and Bill Ringle discuss how sales professionals must develop to prosper in this new world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • How embracing the new technology can save you time and money rather than being afraid and left alone.
  • Being unique, creative, and different from your opponents is important.
  • Why do we need to develop strong personal skills rather than having only academic skills?
  • How chatbots play a crucial role in building a small and big business. 
  • Companies that are not on social media are at a greater disadvantage.​

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • “If you don’t have integrity, then you have nothing.” [1:21]
  • Coming out of your comfort zone and developing strong personal skills is important. [1:50]
  • DJ tells how he started his career on the technical side of sales and how he further developed to survive in the corporate world. [2:49]
  • DJ shares the list of people he follows and studies for professional development. [4:00]
  • The influence Jack Canfield has had on his career success. [4:57]
  • Technology is becoming an important force that will revolutionize how sales are going to be made. [5:30]
  • Every business should follow three tech trends: Customer Buying Trends, Self Service, and E-Commerce. [7:17]
  • “Why do companies need to implement self-servicing functions to make it easy for their customers.” [7:50]
  • Companies that are not on social media are at a greater disadvantage. [9:32]
  • What is a smart natural language communication system, and how it helps your business? [10:36]
  • How are chatbots useful. [12:29]
  • What is a cognitive engine? DJ explains how to take advantage of this technology for business. [13:26]
  • DJ shares his experience of how a credit company eliminated the needless question from the customers, which helped to boost their productivity in their call centers operations. [17:52]
  • DJ tells how a cognitive engine can help to boot smaller businesses. [18:09]
  • DJ explains what a CRM is and how it helps maintain customer interaction. [20:58]
  • DJ Sebastian shares one key message that wants everyone to walk away with regards to A.I. [22:16]
  • Why is creativity very important in sales? [25:50]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [31:46]

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Expert Bio

DJ Sebastian’s professional sales career spans over twenty years as a top-performing sales executive. His sales efforts focused on selling high-dollar, high-value, cutting-edge technology solutions that delivered substantial value to customers.

DJ served in strategic selling roles for IBM, the world’s largest technology provider to businesses; for SAS, the leading Data Analytics provider; and for QAD, a leading manufacturing solution provider.

In these roles, he lived at the epicenter of helping customers select and implement innovative software solutions embedded with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cloud Environments, and Customer Relationship Management.

Based on his involvement in this exciting yet challenging field, DJ felt an urgency to write this book, which takes a unique look at how the convergence of these technologies combined with social communications trends and management imperatives will revolutionize the future sales profession.

The book also describes the expertise that sales professionals must develop to prosper in this new world, using valuable examples that were contributed by many other successful sales professionals.

A first-time author, DJ is dedicated to improving sales teams’ performance and coaching the next-generation sales force so they can become elite performers.

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Contact Info for DJ Sebastian

Web address: www.thetechseller.com

Travels from: COLUMBUS, OH

Social  Media Links: LinkedIn | Twitter

Books Authored by the Guest​

The Selling Revolution: Prospering in the New World of Artificial Intelligence by DJ Sebastian

Resources Mentioned During the Interview


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