211: Why Winning is Not a Strategy: an interview with Zac Logsdon • My Quest for the Best

211: Why Winning is Not a Strategy: an interview with Zac Logsdon

Zac Logsdon, author of Winning is Not a Strategy

Zac Logsdon and Bill Ringle discuss methods and advice that are applicable to not only sports but any industry looking to increase traffic at their events and venues.

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Top 3 Take-Aways from this Interview

  • Engagement through athletic events is one of the biggest problems that college athletic directors and administrator struggle to solve.
  • Unsurprisingly, social media and the proliferation of college sports broadcasts have lowered in-person fan attendance at college sporting events – but through smart moves, some programs are bucking this trend.
  • Treating your product (“college sports events” in this case) the right way leads to greater levels of success.

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Expert Bio 

Zac Logsdon is CEO and founder of Old Hat, a strategic marketing company specializing in the sports and entertainment industry. Over the past two decades, he has worked with more than 150 sports and entertainment organizations to help drive attendance to their events and venues and improve the experience for fans and attendees.

Zac has successfully run Old Hat for more than 15 years, having grown it from one employee with one client to employing nearly a hundred people (combined) over that period and partnering with nearly every major collegiate athletic program in the nation along with multiple professional organizations.

Additionally, Zac has written two books on the topic of sports and/or entertainment marketing. The first, If Not for Athletics, is a collection of inspirational stories from athletics administrators around the nation about times when they witnessed the true power and impact athletics can provide.

Recently, Zac published his second book, Winning is Not a Strategy: A Game-Changing Approach to Driving Attendance, which is a guide for those charged with reversing the trend of declining attendance at sporting events. While focused on athletics, his second book contains methods and advice that are applicable to any industry looking to increase traffic at their events and venues.

Zac also hosts two podcasts based on his books. The first, Stop the Clock, retells inspirational sports stories in the words of those who lived them. And the Winning is Not a Strategy podcast poses a weekly question that is addressed by experts in the athletics industry.

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Contact Info for Zac Logsdon

Web address: www.oldhatcreative.com

Travels from: Norman, OK

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