210: Real Estate On Your Terms: Create Continuous Cash Flow Now, Without Using Your Cash Or Credit – Interview with Chris Prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine, author of Real Estate on Your Terms

Chris Prefontaine and Bill Ringle discuss options business owners have to invest in real estate without using cash or credit to create win-win-win outcomes.

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

Interview Insights

  • The power of a daily chat helps you manage teams to stay on track.
  • Start your business with a baby step so success builds right from the start of the day.
  • How your tribe can help you to scale your business through their feedback and support.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • 3:24 “Look guys, it is easy to have a great year – we just need to have a great day every day.”
  • 4:45 How a student of Chris’s started creating business though he comes from an engineering background, which is an entirely different field.
  • 5:40 “We make sure that everybody applies the six values of the company.”
  • 7:26 “We together learn how to scale, create value, create culture and everything around that small business mindset.”
  • 8:44 Why there is a need for clear communication in businesses.
  • 10:34 How organically Chris’ business started to take shape.
  • 13:19 “We are not dealing with banks.” Chris gives a few insights into alternative financing.
  • 14:47 How Chris and his son sold a house in just two days.
  • 16:05 “33% of the properties in United States are debt free.”
  • 17:46 Lightning Round begins

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Expert Bio

Chris Prefontaine has been in the trenches of the real estate industry for over 25 years. His company has done over $80 million in real estate transactions. He is a practitioner at heart — which is why his company still buys between 4 to 10 properties each month where Chris and his family practices what he preaches. He is the author of the best selling book, “Real Estate on Your Terms.”Chris is an expert at addressing the fundamental problem most business owners struggle with: how to get their wealth out of their business and into other assets just in case they don’t have an opportunity to sell the business (or even if they do sell the business). The diversification of assets can provide a very balanced portfolio and real estate may be one of those investment strategies to consider while building out a balanced financial plan.Chris is also the host of the annual event, “QLS Live” where real estate investors across the country come together for 2-1/2 days to mastermind, share experiences, and learn from experts teaching strategies for building and scaling their real estate businesses.


Contact Info for Chris Prefontaine

Web address: Smart Real Estate Coach

Travels from: Middletown, Rhode Island

Social  Media Links: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Books Authored by the Guest

Real Estate on Your Terms by Chris Prefontaine

Resources Mentioned During the Interview


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