November 2016

141: Tell Better Stories – Featured Interview with Mark Satterfield


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How stories are a powerful tool to help people understand what you do
  • Ways to differentiate yourself effectively in a competitive market
  • Some of the best ways to find your authentic voice
  • How to use stories to grow your business, whether you work for a Fortune 500 or a small business

Mark Satterfield talks with Bill Ringle about the underappreciated value of stories for driving business growth.

140: The Magic Number – Featured Interview with Chris Zane


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The impact that taking full responsibility has on the culture of Zane’s Cycles.
  • Factors that are used to successfully differentiate from competitors.
  • Why free lifetime service is included with every bicycle sold.
  • How the “magic number” helps his team members remember to treat customers with great care and respect.
  • His philosophy of “not being in the bike business, but in the customer service business” and how that can benefit your company, too.

Chris Zane, owner and founder of one of the largest national bicycle companies, Zanes Cycles, talks with Bill Ringle about the singular focus on customer relationships and other guiding principles of business growth.

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