October 2016

139: SNAP Selling – Featured Interview with Jill Konrath


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • That successful sales work is a learnable skill set, not an innate trait.
  • Practical steps to set up meetings with key decision makers.
  • How proper sales training led to a morale boost in a client company.
  • What SNAP selling means.
  • How certain assumptions help you in sales, rather than hurt you.

Jill Konrath talks with Bill Ringle about proven methods for reaching decision makers in a tough economy through SNAP selling.

138: The Most Significant Trait of a Company Culture – Featured Interview with Randy Pennington

Randy Pennington talks with Bill Ringle about how to make company culture work to increase productivity and morale.

Key points that you’ll learn from this interview:

The importance of company culture in attracting talent.
The risks of not changing fast enough as a team or company.
The 6 choices that need to be made regarding how a culture develops.
The single most significant trait of a company culture.
How structure and process are the building blocks of habits.
The executive team that rolled out training to emphasize its importance to the company.

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