May 2016

128: What’s Your Big Idea? – Featured Interview with guest expert Mark Levy


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How one consultant’s business went from earning from about $1800 to over $ 100,000 each month.

  • Where Mark learned to differentiate products

  • The single most important thing a business can do to have others seek them out for business.

  • What one consultant did to become #2 best-selling author on 800-CEO-Read.

  • How Jerry Garcia compares the Grateful Dead to licorice to help him think about marketing.

  • The “mentoring perspective” and how it helps stripe away generalizations and hyperbole.

  • What free writing can do for your business.

  • The importance of immersing yourself in reading.

Mark Levy talks with Bill Ringle about the dramatic difference effective positioning makes for a consultant, professional firm, or thought leader.

126: Become a Presentologist – Featured Interview with guest expert Mark Sanborn


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • What clients really want to hear from consultants and what audiences want to hear from speakers.
  • Ways in which change itself has changed.
  • A key question that effective leaders ask daily to build a shared sense of vision and progress.
  • How leaders at any level can share what matters most to help an organization move more rapidly towards business success.

Mark Sanborn talks with Bill Ringle about effective ways to navigate uncertainty as you grow personally and professionally.

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