Month: October 2015

113: The Perpetual Wealth System – Interview with John Jamieson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • An insider’s view of how to make money like your bank does
  • How you can make monthly payments to yourself to earn tax-free income
  • Why it is better to buy a car than to fund your 401 K when you follow the right system
  • How putting together an action plan makes you more productive
  • The 4 wealth drains to plug up in your personal finances

John Jamison talks with Bill Ringle about creating a perpetual wealth system to benefit entrepreneurs, their children, grandchildren, and generations beyond.

112: Silent Language of Leaders – Interview with Carol Goman

Carol Goman

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The two channels of non-verbal communication that we want leaders to use 
  • Gender differences and how they impact non-verbal leadership signals
  • Cultural views of time and tips on how to be respectful when traveling abroad
  • How emotions are common across cultures, but what can be shared, displayed, or shown differs
  • What makes our brains default to negative interpretations of any news under certain circumstances

Carol Goman talks with Bill Ringle about the silent language of leaders that each of us can speak more fluently.

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