August 2015

109: Selling Against the Goal – Featured Interview with guest expert Kendra Lee

kendra lee

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to set criteria for overcoming your self-doubt
  • Who to ask for business advice (and who can’t give you helpful advice, even if more convenient)
  • Looking beyond cold calling for lead generation
  • How a $5 MM lab simulation company got out of their own way and doubled revenue
  • The big breakthrough for a $100 MM security company 
  • Why campaign success cannot be measured after a single event or e-mail, and how to really make it work

Kendra Lee talks with Bill Ringle about what happens to your business growth once you really start to believe in your talents and abilities.

108: Guerilla Selling – Featured Interview with Orvel Ray Wilson

orvel ray wilson

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How insisting on a meeting with a decision maker led to a great friendship and business partnership with Jay Levinson
  • What Red Bull did to break into the London bar scene
  • Economic trends that every business owner can use for growth
  • The business growth leverage opportunity in upgrading the skills of your team

Orvel Ray Wilson talks with Bill Ringle about Guerrilla Marketing and conquering overseas territories.

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