May 2015

103: 18 Minutes – Interview with Peter Bregman

peter bregman2

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The right environment to train business leaders who must have dangerous conversations
  • What makes the “You can have it all” myth so important to burst
  • How to use 5 boxes on your daily planner to accomplish the most important objectives each year

Peter Bregman talks with Bill Ringle about the benefits of finding your focus.

102: Having your excellence speak for you with guest expert Cal Newport

cal newport

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How “follow your passion” can be counterproductive advice
  • The value and necessity of systematic practice to developing deep skills
  • The two prime characteristics of the most marketable skills
  • Why “mission” creates meaning and opportunities for leverage if sequenced properly
  • That the solution to a mystery is not that complex, unless we oversimplify or overcomplicate it
  • Key steps to selling more than 120,000 copies of his first 3 books

Cal Newport talks with Bill Ringle about the underlying patterns of success in both business and academia.

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