Month: December 2014

92: Why the Future of Business is Sharing: Featured Interview with guest expert Lisa Gansky

lisa gansky

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How successful companies are built on incredibly talented, committed people
  • An early insight about how the Internet would level the playing field led to forming a startup acquired by AOL
  • Implications of how technology advances have lowered the barriers to entry dramatically
  • Where to find entrepreneurs creating new ideas and companies in major cities
  • Where on the balance sheet many companies can find underutilized and undervalued assets
  • How the database became the foundation for both the book as well as an open source resource
  • Clues and tips for finding life-work balance

Lisa Gansky talks with Bill Ringle about the profound implications “meshing” will have on business and society.

91: Leveraging your creativity for competitive advantage with guest expert Josh Linkner

josh linkner

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How creativity is the new currency of success
  • The most exciting news about creativity (hint: it’s something we can all tap within ourselves)
  • What one corporation did to encourage calculated risk-taking among all employees
  • What creating an arch enemy does for boosting creativity at all levels in a company
  • A novel technique for overcoming timid ideas in brainstorming sessions

Josh Linkner talks with Bill Ringle about the need to re-awaken and develop our creative abilities no matter what role or industry you serve to propel growth and innovation.

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