Month: January 2014

69: The 7 Minute Difference – Interview with Allyson Lewis

allyson lewis

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How a friend Debbie helped teach how to take life to a new level of meaning and purpose
  • The MORE method of focusing in high-value activities
  • How to spend less time getting more done

Allyson Lewis talks with Bill Ringle about how to live a life of meaning in business and at home.

68: Bouncing Back – Interview with Donna Marie Thompson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Donna bounced back from losing her mother, her fiancé, her home and her retirement funds.
  • The 5 E’s that will provide you with a map to bounce back from loss.
  • A few of the unexpected benefits of writing a book for an expert looking to break into a larger arena.
  • The key to overcoming the shame of loss.
  • A surprising distinction between a life or business loss and the feeling of grief.
  • Important things NOT to say when someone you care about is bouncing back from loss.

Donna Marie Thompson talks with Bill Ringle about bouncing back from loss.

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