September 2013

61: People in Progress – Interview with Terry Hawkins

terry hawkins

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How getting new business can often be an indirect process, fueled by enthusiastic outreach
  • The benefit of focusing on improving the client’s situation
  • Using cartoon characters Pitman and Stickman to explain change to business teams
  • What happens to groups where the incentive system is out of synch with the company values
  • How effective business growth starts with effective hiring

Terry Hawkins talks with Bill Ringle about being a positive inflluence in organizations.

60: You Can Always Sell More – Interview with Jim Pancero


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to measure success during slow sales periods.
  • What sales people and self-taught swimmers have in common.
  • What question to ask your salesperson to quickly determine how strategically he or she is approaching customers.

Jim Pancero talks with Bill Ringle about sales effectiveness.

59: The On Demand Brand – Interview with Rick Mathieson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Rick reached Tom Peters and formed the basis of a professional mentorship and friendship.
  • What the sustaining energy is that keeps people engaged and “in the conversation” both online and off line.
  • Contrasting examples of a company that bombed with their online effort and several that hit home runs.
  • The law of transparency online that allows even the smallest pizza shop to use these largely no-charge tools to build a fan base.

Rick Mathieson talks with Bill Ringle about the interesting journey from writer to digital marketing author and expert.

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