Month: April 2013

50: Suddenly in Charge – Interview with Roberta Matuson


Listen to this interview to learn:

    • How living on her own without any “safety net” sparked the success imperative
    • What companies need to be thinking about as the economy improves in terms of hiring and retention
    • What leaders have been doing to do more with fewer resources
    • Why it is critical to get to the true source of employee dissatisfaction and how to approach the solution

      Roberta Matuson talks with Bill Ringle about creating exceptional workplaces where people can create extraordinary results.

      49: Soft Sell – Interview with Tim Connor

      tim connor

      Listen to this interview to learn:

      • The difference between a calling and a career
      • Tim’s favorite 3 questions for helping executives focus on needed change
      • Why the fear of failure is one of the most costly indulgences for business leaders
      • What is the litmus test for whether someone in business is fully engaged or not

      Tim Connor talks with Bill Ringle about the different facets that make up the “new normal” for business leaders.

      48: The Responsible Business – Interview with Carol Sanford


      Listen to this interview to learn:

      • How an early mentor introduced Carol to people, organizations, and systems that have nurtured a 30-year work plan.
      • The most important thing for a company that is embracing sustainability to keep in mind.
      • A reality about different ends of the organizational hierarchy that all businesses should understand.
      • What Internet transparancy is doing to shape how leaders communicate.

      Carol Sanford talks with Bill Ringle about integrating sustainable thinking, planning, and actions in large corporate projects.

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