February 2013

45: Coloring Outside the Lines – Interview with Jeff Tobe

jeff tobe

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Why Jeff believes everyone is creative, not just a chosen few.
  • The question that helps a business leader shatter the limiting stereotype of how customers perceive his or her company.
  • The 2010 Gallup survey finding of only 42% of American workers engaged in their work.
  • The two key components of creativity and how to think through value delivery at every touchpoint.

Jeff Tobe talks with Bill Ringle about how smart companies encourage creativity internally and focus on top customer experience externally.

44: Mastering the World of Selling – Interview with Eric Taylor


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The characteristics needed to be successful in personal marketing and selling.
  • How Eric promoted Jeffrey Gitomer’s seminars for success.
  • The lesson of asking, “How can I provide value first?”

Eric Taylor talks with Bill Ringle about his rapid growth in business through creating qualified leads,

43: Pivot – Featured Interview with guest expert Alan Zimmerman


Listen to this interview to learn:

    • The #1 complaint on the job for professionals and managers.
    • What to do about an attitude you want to change.
    • How western cultures and eastern cultures view attitude differently.
    • Practical ways to assess and manage your attitude in order to achieve more happiness and success.

      Dr. Alan Zimmerman talks with Bill Ringle about the vital role attitude has in both your personal satisfaction and professional life.

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