November 2012

38: Capturing New Markets – Interview with Stephen Wunker


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How success in embarking on new ventures leads to its own momentum.
  • What a South African bank did to expand its opportunities through looking at the problems its customers were facing from their perspective.
  • What it means to assess what doesn’t exist in the marketplace and how it might present a growth opportunity.
  • The viewpoint of a company evaluating a new market strategy and the risks they have to weigh.
  • Whether your best bet is to take a superhighway or a country road or a combination of the two as you innovate towards growth.

Stephen Wunker talks with Bill Ringle about new ways of thinking to be successful creating new ways to grow business.

37: Six Husbands Every Wife Should Have – Featured Interview with Dr. Steven Craig

steve craig

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How having a business career in advertising before launching his counseling career helped focus his business growth 
  • The benefits of hiring with adaptability in mind.
  • The mistake of having a list of desirable traits in a future mate as your sole criteria
  • Why providing your clients with a roadmap to change is a tools that gives them confidence
  • How rigid attitudes can be a trouble sign in personal and business relationships 

Dr. Steven Craig talks with Bill Ringle about the healthy evolution of romantic relationships and of his businesses as a couples counselor and executive coach.

36: Small Town Rules – Interview with guest expert Barry Moltz


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Reasons why entreprenuers are good at control
  • How one entrepreneur learned to really let her employees do their job and how it helped her business grow
  • Tips on hiring well in a small business
  • What all entrepreneurs can learn from how farmers do business (e.g.: they had multiple streams of income long before real estate investments were popular)
  • The importance of being able to operate anywhere and any when (with a nod to Chris Brogan)

Barry Moltz talks with Bill Ringle about what entrepreneur leaders need to do in order to grow.

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