Month: October 2012

35: Sales Autopsy – Interview with Dan Seidman

dan seidman

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The practical importance of creating an emotional context for the buying decision.
  • How taking initiative with ASTD led to writing a much-needed book that helps both the sales industry as well as his career.
  • The importance of attending to language in sales conversations and elsewhere.
  • Top objections can be anticipated and prepared for to allow you to be more confident.
  • Why top sales pros can predict the future.

Dan Seidman talks with Bill Ringle about what top sales pros know and do differently.

34: The Improvisation Edge – Interview with Karen Hough


Listen to this interview to learn:

    • How behavioral skills lead to success.
    • The necessity of stepping outside our comfort zone.
    • Why having fun at work is not only more enjoyable, but vital to gaining new insights and developing new forms of collaboration and teamwork.

    Karen Hough talks with Bill Ringle about building trust on individual, team, and organizational levels through improvisation, honesty, and acting in line with your values.

    33: Management Rewired – Interview with Charles Jacobs


    Listen to this interview to learn:

    • Surprising details on how our minds work.
    • The myth of economic maximizing rules.
    • How asking questions proved key at DEC and can help your team, too.
    • What motivates people to contribute even more than money.

    Charles Jacobs talks with Bill Ringle about how the latest discoveries in brain science inform better management practices.

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