September 2012

32: Good Idea, Now What – Interview with Charles Lee


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Why in most cases, the problem a company is facing isn’t necessarily the problem that needs to be fixed
  • What’s needed in order to overcome the recycling of ideas
  • Simple steps to be a better implementor of ideas
  • How to think more strategically about ideas
  • Key elements of ideation

Charles Lee talks with Bill Ringle about clarifying ideas and taking action to benefit organizations.

31: Honesty Sells – Interview with guest expert Colleen Francis

colleen francis

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How she decided to leave a successful career to start her business
  • The shipping company case study, where small spot sales were converted to larger, more frequent sales
  • What hurdles companies need to clear in order to approach sales with greater effectiveness 
  • A practical tip for helping salespeople move outside their comfort zone
  • The importance of dispelling the myth that selling is an innate skill, so your business can grow

Colleen Francis talks with Bill Ringle about how to truly think big and take action to build a business that serves clients worldwide.

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