July 2012

28: The Ring in the Bubble – Interview with Gary Bradt


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to turn a love of working with people into a career
  • What to listen for when your customer has critical feedback and important details to pick up
  • Why your goals must be important enough to pursue, and to be aware of your motivations
  • How telling the truth is a vital leadership practice

Dr. Gary Bradt talks with Bill Ringle about leadership lessons learned while building a successful business as a well-known author, speaker, and advisor to senior management.

27: Smart Woman Solutions – Interview with Joy Chudacoff


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How entrepreneurship can be a pathway for women to earn more money and freedom.
  • Some of the best lifestyle benefits of being a successful business owner.
  • When to move on from a business or career path to embrace a new direction.
  • What focus can do to help you become more efficient in your business and lead a more satisfying family/personal life.
  • Networking secrets for women in business.

Joy Chudacoff talks with Bill Ringle about accelerating the careers of women entrepreneurs and integrating family and work.

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