Month: June 2012

26: UpFront Presentations – Interview with Marilyn Sherman

marilyn sherman

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The choice to not participate in a negative economy
  • Gladys Holm, who left a $18 million gift in her will on a $15,000 annual salary
  • How the right kind of business opportunities lead to great exposure and more business
  • The surprising value of being outrageous with goal setting

Marilyn Sherman talks with Bill Ringle about how different forms of fear keep people from having more success.

25:Transformational Mothering – Interview with Amy Robbins-Wilson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How business ideas can come from unexpected inspiration.
  • Advice on positioning yourself and your business where people will look for it.
  • The importance of creating a genuine dialogue with your customers.

Amy Robbins-Wilson talks with Bill Ringle about the role of music in healing and business building.

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