Month: May 2012

24: Time Tamer Consulting – Interview with Christine Giri


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Key questions to ask to shift yourself and others to a more productive track.
  • How Christine uses her “advancer” strengths to help leaders and managers come up with creative ways to be more productive.
  • What to do about your own “level of distraction” to be more productive.

Christine Giri talks with Bill Ringle about how personal productivity is not about the tools, but about individuals and groups focusing on what’s important.

23: Users Not Customers – Interview with guest expert Aaron Shapiro


Listen to this interview to learn:

    • How a company pivots based on customer feedback.
    • What steps a full-service digital agency take to insure success with high stake assignments from Fortune 1000 firms, including Comcast, Target, and HBO.
    • How the magic of good design leads to rapid product adoption.
    • The demand for a great online experience (and how the bar keeps getting raised) by the generation of consumers now in their 20’s.
    • What Forrester research says about the role of online sales transactions in 2012.

    Aaron Shapiro talks with Bill Ringle about the urgent need for companies of all sizes to make the shift to treating customers as users.

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