Month: March 2012

19: Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most – Interview with Sybil Stershic


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to recognize the ineffective lip service some managers give when what employees want is to make more significant contributions.
  • The importance of an internal marketing action plan.
  • Why the more employees know about the customer, the better they can serve them.
  • Why people leave a boss or supervisor, not a company, in general.
  • Three levels of connection to review for optimum employee engagement.

Sybil Stershic talks with Bill Ringle about internal marketing insights for both business and non-profit teams.

18: Creating Personal Presence – Interview with Dianna Booher


Listen to this interview to learn:

    • How a Fortune 100 corportation helped launch her business.
    • Mistakes to avoid when running a business meeting.
    • What makes communication more powerful than simply sharing information.
    • The relationship between how you deliver the message and the impact it has on your audience.

    Dianna Booher talks with Bill Ringle about distinctions that make communication more effective in business relationships and cause organizations that follow these principles to be more profitable and productive.

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