Month: September 2011

6: Using Touchpoints – Interview with Jeff Pedowitz


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • What factors helped him gain positive client traction quickly
  • How the pros use touchpoints to create dialogue
  • The importance of post-sales followup to build long term relationships
  • Where to focus daily for continued success

Jeff Pedowitz talks with Bill Ringle about what’s really working with lead generation practices.

5: MamaTone – Interview with Dustin Maher


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Dustin was inspired by his own mother’s sacrifices.
  • Which particular airline safety instruction helps moms start taking better care of themselves.
  • The three factors that led to rapid national growth.
  • The importance of standing out from the crowd.
  • Examples of responding to customer needs, wants, and preferences.

Dustin Maher talks with Bill Ringle about rapidly growing his fitness business and plans to reach one million moms by 2015.

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