Month: August 2011

4: Engaging Hearts and Minds – Interview with Lee Colan


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • About making the leap from a corporate OD/HR position to self-employment
  • How important it is to get the franchise prototype right before scaling a business
  • How to stay clear on what’s important vs. what’s urgent
  • About avoiding the insidious trap as a leader of “Oh, I can do it quicker myself.”
  • How an energy company grew from 23 people to Fortune 500 status in less than a decade
  • The most important aspect of a leader that must be shared in order for a company to grow

Lee J. Colan talks with Bill Ringle about leadership lessons and the need for more effective execution.

3: The Truth About Leads – Interview with Dan McDade


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The characteristics of a complex sale and how it must be treated differently.
  • Common mistakes companies make with misunderstanding lifetime customer value,  cost per lead, and making accurate sales forecasts.
  • The value of being persistent and how it lead to a $1 billion dollar sale for one of PointClear’s clients.

Dan McDade talks with Bill Ringle on the truth about leads and what leaders need to do differently to maximize marketing and sales efforts.

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