201: Unleashing Your Superpower – Featured Interview with Jeff Tippett

Jeff Tippett, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Bill Ringle and Jeff Tippett discuss using influence as a superpower in small business leadership.

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Top Take-Aways from this Interview

  • The difference between persuasion and manipulation
  • Why asking clarifying questions is the key to being more persuasive
  • How to find alignment between your goals and your customers’ and clients’ needs
  • How developing a message can help appeal to people’s thumbs as well as their brains
  • What role emotion plays in listener’s buying into what you have to say

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Expert Bio 

Jeff Tippett is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Jeff has worked with renowned clients like Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Conservation Voters, The League of Women Voters, as well as others.

Jeff's second book, slated for late Fall 2018, is tentatively titled: Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is The Only Force You Will Ever Need. His bold statement is that we all live or die based on our ability to persuade.

In 2014, Jeff founded Targeted Persuasion, an award-winning public affair and communications firm, and has worked with renowned brands like Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Women Voters, The League of Conservation Voters, plus others.

The heart and soul of Jeff’s presentations is the emotional story he tells of adopting his youngest daughter from Haiti while the country’s government was collapsing. Through this near-death experience of navigating civil unrest and institutional bureaucracy in a third world nation, Jeff learned valuable lessons on how to persuade others without ever manipulating. Jeff unpacks these secrets of the superpower of persuasion in every presentation.

For more information, visit Jeff's website.

Contact Info for Jeff Tippett

Web address: JeffTippett.com 

Travels from: Raleigh, NC

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