175: Life’s One Law – Interview with guest expert Dr. Philip Agrios

Philip Agrios, author of Life’s One Law: Nature’s Blueprint for Repeatable Success in Life and Business

Dr. Phillip Agrios and Bill Ringle discuss a novel 6-step problem-solving blueprint that guides business owners away from past troublesome decisions and tendencies and towards better closing rates, healthier management communications, and stronger business relationships.

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Interview Insights

Key points that you’ll learn from this interview:

  • A turning point from being at a low with great physical distress (carpal tunnel syndrome for a chiropractor), financially, maritally, and discovering a method to understanding and reversing those conditions.
  • How this method helped a lawyer who was unaware of his need for systems before he could grow his practice further
  • How the first draft of this book was written in 2 weeks
  • How it is a curable symptom to stay stuck in a particular “season” without guidance to transcend it.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • 4:20 What it is to have a sabotaging trait, and to find its antidote. –  “It’s there to really help us to get to the next level.”
  • 6:49 The steps which led Dr. Phillip to discover the 6 step blueprint.
  • 8:30 “The steps are cyclical, you can start anywhere.”
  • 9:00 Dr. Phillip explains the six seasons and what each of them means – Summer, Harvest, Autumn, Winter, Relinquish, and Spring.
  • 11:14 How Dr. Phillip helped a salesman who had a tendency to give too much information away.
  • 14:10 Dr. Phillip recounts the case of a scatterbrained client  – “Once he started going through a system, he became less overwhelmed.”
  • 14:38 [The reason why some people don’t become successful] – “It’s more painful for them to become successful than to stay where they’re at.”
  • 17:17 Dr. Philip describes the process of writing the book, and how the first draft only took two weeks.
  • 18:47 [A case study of a single mom-trepreneur] “What she was doing in her personal life, she should be doing in her business, and what she was doing in her business, she should be doing in her personal life.”
  • 20:18 “You don’t have to wait for the world Autumn to do Autumn things, it’s within yourself that these things are happening.”
  • 21:53 How Dr. Phillip wrote a book in two weeks, and how he implemented his antidote to make it work – “I made sure that I had planned out that this is what I’m going to do per so many hours.”
  • 23:54 “Don’t get upset with yourself, the sabotaging trait is there to help you.”

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Expert Bio

Dr. Philip Agrios has transformed the trials and hardships of his own life experiences into a positive vision and an important roadmap for the rest of us. After over two decades and thousands of patients, his discovery of Nature’s Blueprint contained within Life’s One Law uncovers our sabotaging trait and the antidote to switch it off for more productivity in business and more freedom in our life.

He now works with business owners, executives, and sales professionals worldwide to help them to get out of their way and achieve their dreams.

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