171: H3 Leadership – Featured Interview with guest expert Brad Lomenick

Brad Lomenick, author of H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle., and President of Catalyst

Brad Lomenick talks with Bill Ringle on My Quest for the Best about H3 Leadership’s implications for small business leaders and their teams becoming more effective.

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Interview Insights

Key points that you’ll learn from this interview:

  • The benefits of H3 leadership
  • Why introversion and leadership potential aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • How leadership brings out hidden talents, and weaknesses, in people.
  • The importance of having a company culture that encourages two way feedback.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • 2:45 Brad discusses his connection to John C. Maxwell.
  • 4:30 How leadership ability was natural to Brad even in his youth.
  • 6:56 [On why leaders can be introverts] – “Just because you’re naturally quiet…doesn’t mean you still can’t lead.”
  • 7:52 Leadership doesn’t mean hogging the spotlight, it means stewardship.
  • 8:26 “If you want to lead, you’re going to have to be responsible for people.”
  • 10:59 The importance of not being a “Darb” leader, and letting the stress of leadership bring out toxic aspects of your personality.
  • 14:43 “Everyone wants to work in an environment where self-awareness is at the forefront of the culture.” 
  • 16:31 “When you’re in charge, no one wants to tell you the truth.”
  • 18:43 “You lead like you were led.”
  • 19:40 “People are looking for a culture that is healthy and customized for them.”
  • 22:39 Why you should invest time in onboarding new team members.
  • 23:27 [How to be proactive during the hiring process] – “The story behind the story matters.”
  • 25:00 “Hire slow, fire fast.”
  • 26:38 [H3 Leadership] – “Be humble, stay hungry, always hustle.”
  • 27:40 – “In writing any book the challenge always comes: ‘How personal are you going to be?’”
  • 29:43 Why it’s so essential to be curious.
  • 30:40 “The best way for you to gain instant credibility is ask a good question.”
  • 35:09 “We bypass ‘why,’ because why is hard.”
  • 38:00 The most surprising thing for Brad about writing the book.
  • 39:37 Brad’s tips for staying on track and productive.

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Expert Bio

Brad Lomenick is a producer, entrepreneur, speaker, sought-after leadership advisor, author, and longtime president of Catalyst, largely credited with growing the organization into one of the largest and most recognized leadership brands and gatherings in the world. For over 10 years, Brad led the Catalyst Conference and garnered the reputation as a convener of America’s most respected leaders including John Maxwell, Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Mark Burnett, Tony Dungy, Marcus Buckingham, and Rick Warren, among many others.

In 2013, he published his first book, The Catalyst Leader, and his second book, H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle., released in September of 2015. A prolific content creator, for eight years Brad hosted the Catalyst Podcast, interviewing change-makers from across the globe and attracting hundreds of thousands of listeners per month. Additionally, he frequently blogs about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, personal growth, and more on his website, as well as speaking at conferences around the world. He has been featured in TIME, Washington Post, Fast Company, Business Insider, CNN, INC, Fox News, Relevant, Religion News Service, and others.

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